October 1935 Radio-Craft
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October 1935 Radio-Craft

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Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio-Craft, published 1929 - 1953. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.


October 1935

Vol. VII, No. 4


Metal Radio Tubes: An Editorial, by Hugo Gernsback 197
An Inside Story About Metal Tubes, by R. D. Washburne 202
An 18 Metal-Tube All-Wave Superhet, by W. A. Smith 208
Metal vs. Glass Radio Tubes, by Albert A. Bombe 214
Glass-"Metal" Tube Shield 217
The "Neon" Interference Problem, by J. Albert Lynch 219
Characteristics of Metal Tubes - and Other "Octal" (8-Prong) Base Types 228
Fada 9 Tube Model 190 "Metal" All-Wave Receiver Radio Data Service Sheet 230


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