Electronics Crossword Puzzle
July 1963 Electronics World

July 1963 Electronics World

July 1963 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

This electronics-themed crossword puzzle was published in a 1963 issue of Electronic World. Crosswords were a fairly standard feature in magazines up through the late last century. Keeping with tradition , every week (usually) I create an engineering-themed crossword puzzle that uses a hand-selected collection of a couple thousand words and clues from a dictionary I built over the last 15 years. Unlike most crosswords seen in technical and hobby publications, RF Cafe crosswords contain only relevant words - never filling in with the names of movie stars, obscure countries, or portmanteaus relating to social oddities.

Electronics Crossword Puzzle

By John J. Gill

Electronics Crossword Puzzle, July 1963 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1. Electronic calculator.

11. Within.

12. Type of press.

13. Sweep of the screen in a picture tube.

15. Coil dimension (abbr.).

17. Girl's name.

18.  Peak-to-peak indicator (abbr.)

20. Inert gas.

21. Anent (abbr.).

22. Thoughts.

25. Printer's measure.

26. Metallic element used in diodes.

29. Decade.

30. To follow a moving object with a TV camera.

31. Type of transistor.

32. Printer's measure.

33. Yankees won this pennant (abbr.).

34. Units of work.

35. Undirectional current (abbr.).

36. This committee was responsible for setting color-TV standards.

38. Consume.

40. Preplanning of a computer.

42. Inductive reactance on a schematic.

43. Atomic No. 61

44. Fish eggs.

45. Belonging to.

47. Computer numbering system.

50. Life tendencies.

51. Internal cylindrical cavity.

53. Seventh note in the scale.

54. The 15th of March.

55. Statement in computer programming system.

57. Momentary high-amplitude levels.

59. Type of circuit.

60. Rule.

63. Greek letter used to designate magnetic flux.

66. Digital computer mode.


1. They're used in computer operations.

2. Small change in the value of a variable.

3. Adjective suffix.

4. Switching tube used in radar (abbr.).

5. TV network (abbr.).

6. Behold!

7. An electron-beam instrument (abbr.).

8. Information fed into a computer.

9.Time required for an electron to travel from one tube element to another.

10. Type of memory system used in computers.

14. By or near.

16. Russian "yes".

19. Body which attracts iron.

23. Type of two-way radio operation.

24. Compass point.

27. To hold constant.

28. One billionth (prefix).

35. Rectifier.

37. Very low resistance in a circuit.

39. Vestment.

40. Complete turn in spiral-wound cable.

41. Tube element.

43. Within.

46. Iron (chemical prefix).

48. Symbol for grid current.

49.Small stream.

52. One time only.

54. Part of "to be".

56. Biblical "yes".

57. Type of transistor.

58. Unit in which power line transformers are rated (abbr.).

61. Chemical abbreviation.

62. "Everything is ................. ".

63. 3.1416.

64. Greeting.

65. Not out.

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Electronics Crossword Puzzle Solution, July 1963 Electronics World - RF Cafe