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Super Semiconductor: Stiff in Day, Bendy at Night

• CQ Announces 2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

• Highly Sensitive Encrypted Email at Risk of Exposure

• Ofcom Reveals UK Consumer Telecoms Value for Money is Improving (except see below)

• Britain's Broadband Speeds 51% Slower Than Advertised


• Google, Facebook, Others Press for 6 GHz Rulemaking

• New Material Reduces Losses in Inductive Components

• Global Ecosystem Integration Key China's Semiconductor Industry Growth

• Harris to Modernize India's ATC Communications Infrastructure

• 1/4 of Americans Spend All Day Inside


• Distributor Warns of Chip Resistor Shortage (amazing!)

• "Last Man Standing" Moving to Fox Network

• Verizon Names Los Angeles as 5G City

Skyworks Unveils Suite of Sky5™ Solutions

5G Rollouts More Nuanced Than Past Coverage Blasts


• Apple Urges FCC to Keep More High Spectrum Unlicensed

• Physicists Decry Call for U.S. Visa Restrictions on Chinese Researchers

• Does Radio Need More Deregulation?

• UK Billionaire Invests £24M in Goonhill Earth Station

Amateur Radio Parity Act Language Inserted in National Defense Authorization Act


• U.S. U-turn Gives Hope to ZTE

• Hughes to Prototype Multi-Modem Adaptor for Wideband SATCOM

• 3 CubeSats with Amateur Radio Payloads Deployed from ISS

Xiaomi Tops Smartphone Market in India

• Snoopy Joining Sony? Music Unit Buying Stake in Peanuts


• FCC Imposes Fine for Illegal Signal Jammer

• USTelecom Petitions FCC to Ease up on '90s-Era Rules on Landline Providers

• Britain Backs French Plan for European Defence Force

• Android P Tackles Phone Addiction, Distraction

• BT Promises £3.7B Budget for FTTH and 5G, Despite Massive Job Cuts


RF Power Semiconductors Near $1.5B for 2017 with GaN Dominating

• ARRL Asks FCC to Protect Amateur Radio Millimeter-Wave Bands

• University Spinout Targets Mass-Market-Scale Graphene IP

• Nokia and SFR Conduct 5G Calls Using 3.5 GHz Spectrum in France

• IEEE Approves 802.11 aj for Increased High-BW Wireless LAN in China


• China Said to Raising $47B Semiconductor Fund

• ARRL Announces 2018 QST Antenna Design Competition

• 5G NR Deployments Boost Global Macro-Cell Transceiver Shipments

• Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Market Tops $16B

• T-Mobile Has Highest CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio


Chip Sales Running 20% Above 2017 Pace

• GaN Drove RF Power Semiconductor Growth in Market in 2017

T-Mobile Execs Change Tune on Fixed Wireless Following Sprint Merger Deal

Skyworks' Q2 FY18 Revenue up 7% YoY

• Intel Resets Clock on 10-Nanometer Technology


• Could BlackBerry Displace Apple? (that would be a real turn-about)

Pirate Radio Stations Explode on YouTube

Massive MIMO Market to Grow at 41%, be Worth $20.9B by 2026

• ARRL Counting Down to Hamvention 2018

BMW to Use Innoviz Lidar for Autonomous Cars


Pentagon Halts Huawei and ZTE Phone Sales on Military Bases

Twitter CTO Admits "Glitch" Exposed Your Password

GDPR is Just the Beginning as Europe Targets 'Digital Sweat Factories'

FCC Seeks Comment on Sharing in 3.7-4.2 GHz Band

5G Poised for Commercial Rollout by 2020


Mobile Phone Cancer Warning as Malignant Brain Tumours Double

Amateur Radio Case Attracts Attention of FCC Commissioner

Sodium Material with Novel Structure Eyed for New Battery Designs

Xilinx Reports Record Revenues, Searches for UK Engineers

SSprint's Roaming Agreement with T-Mobile Doesn't Impact VoLTE Rollout


Global Semiconductor Sales up 20% oY in Q1

TSMC Cuts Forecasts on Smartphone Weakness

China Mobile & Huawei Launch 5G Innovation Center in Beijing

5G Fuels Latest T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Proposal

EEurope Day On the Air 2018 Activity May 4 – 6


iPhone Users Discover That Siri Has a Bad Mouth

T-Mobile, Sprint Agree to Merge

FCC Reports on Stepped up Enforcement Against Pirate Radio Operations

Sprint, Mobilitie to Pay $11M Fine for Building Illegal Towers

DDARPA Looks for Better Satellite Security


Establishing Freedom of Action Will Propel EW Market Opportunities

How Success Breeds Success in the Sciences (does failure breed failure?)

Chinese Smartphone Market Is Shrinking

Ofcom: BT Must Fibre up or Risk Fading Away

Nokia Q1 Revenues Decline, Revamp Seen in Sales Due to 5G