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Families Struggling with Teens' Cellphone Addiction

Buckyball Pioneer Harold Kroto Dies at 76

Imec Honors Dr. Gordon Moore with 'Lifetime of Innovation Award' (Forbes says Moore's worth $6.3e9)





FCC Proposes $51 Million in Penalties for Lifeline Program (aka Obamaphones)

Physicists Abuzz About Possible New Particle as CERN Revs up

No Need for Panic Regarding Synthetic Aperture Radars on 70 cm

Chip Sales Edge up Slightly

Instagram Hacked by 10-Year-Old Boy


Printing THz Lenses

Indian Fabs, the Free Market and Central Planning

Personal Cooling Units on the Horizon

Court: Chinese Company Can Call Product IPHONE

MaxLinear Buys Microsemi's Broadband Wireless Unit

FCC Action Anticipated on ARRL's "Symbol Rate" Petition for Rule Making


Crowd Funding Changing the Game for Chip Firms

Hungry Weasel Shuts down Large Hadron Collider (LHC originally to built in Texas)

Take Part in "the Engineer's" 2016 Salary Survey

Global Semi Packaging Materials Market to Grow at 4.79% from 2016-2020

Superfast Light Source Made from Artificial Atom

U.S. House Unanimously Passes Email Privacy Act


This Tech Bubble Is Bursting, WSJ

Wi-Fi Hotspot Named 'Detonation Device' Causes Bomb Scare at Airport

SecDef OKs Arms Sales to N. Vietnam (call it "The Jane Fonda Accord")

Electronics Firms Win Queen's Awards

Sony Files Patent for Contact Lenses That Records Plays Video

Carl Icahn Dumps Apple Shares over China Fears


NY Wants to Know: Have You Been Texting and Driving? (unreasonable search and seizure?)

Consortium to Build European Laser Plasma Accelerator

Man Jailed for Failing to Decrypt Hard Drives


Taking the Stigma out of Buying Used Electronics

World Wide Repeater Directory Now Lets Users File Jamming Reports

Zuckerberg Spent $19M on Security in Past 3 Years (guns OK for Mr. Facebook, but not you and me)