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Honolulu Star-Bulletin Newspaper

August 3, 1929


Mirrors Make Color television Possible


Transmission of color television has been solved. The transmitter shown above is similar to that to ordinary television, except that additional photoelectric cells are needed. the girl is sitting before the pickup device. Below is the receiving apparatus.


New York - When Houdini or Keller or Thurston performed some feat of apparently inexplicable stage magic the wise ones would knowingly comment: "it's all done with mirrors."


If those same wiseacres had attended the Bell Laboratories' latest demonstration of scientific "magic" - it was a showing of color television - they could have made the same explanation and they would not have been so far wrong.


The Bell Laboratories, research division of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, first demonstrated television two years ago, recognizable images of moving persons and objects being carried to a receiver in the laboratory from Washington and Whippany, N.J., over the telephone wires and by radio.


In that demonstration the subjects had to be exposed to a brilliant arc light as the moved about before a photoelectric cell commonly referred to as an "electric eye."


A year ago a second demonstration was given to mark a distinct growth in the infant art of television. On that occasion images were transmitted of persons playing tennis, swinging golf clubs, and boxing in the open air, development of the equipment having made it possible to substitute sunlight for the arc light.


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