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Navy in Need of Radio Men

Muncie Morning Star Newspaper

February 13, 1942


Service Possibilities Explained to Amateurs


Stressing the importance of high frequency radio in the location of enemy aircraft was the main thought in the talk given last night by Lieutenant W.E. Miles, radar procurement office of the U.S. Navy in Midwestern states, before the Delaware Amateur Radio Association in the post office building.


Lieutenant Miles, who was introduced by Chief Petty Officer A.S. Marquell, gave a general outline of the physical properties of radar and stressed the fact that today, the navy needs operators and technicians whereas in World War I, operators were the prime factor in the radio room.


The qualifications, said Lieutenant Miles, require that the applicant have an amateur radio operator's license or better, that the be a high school graduate, that he be of good character and moral fiber, and that he must be able to pass the regular physical test put out by the navy.


The age limit, which was originally 17 to 35 years, has been changed to 25 to 50, thus enabling the enlistment of those who have had more valuable and practical training in the field. Lieutenant Miles said it is not necessary to take the complete classification test at one time, as it is divided into sections of two pages each, which may be taken individually.


A person entering into this field will automatically be classified from the start as a petty officer second class, receiving a salary of $72 per month, plus an additional $34.50 for those who have dependents. The fact that the navy is willing to pay a radar operator this sum to start with, over the regular $21 a month, should indicate the importance of radar, the lieutenant said. He also pointed out that after one year of service the rank is increased to Chief Petty Officer, where under normal times a man takes from fifteen to seventeen years to obtain that position.


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