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Marconi Gets Mars' Message

Wireless Inventor Intercepts Long Wave Lengths from Upper Neighbors

Pick up Flashes While at Sea

New York, Sept. 2. - J. C. H. Macbeth, London manager of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Ltd., startled members of the Rotary Club of New York in a speech at a luncheon at the Hotel McAlpin by the announcement that Signor Marconi believed he had intercepted messages from Mars.

The wireless inventor, he said, while making a serious of atmospheric experiments aboard his yacht, the Elektra, in the Mediterranean several months ago, discovered wireless wave lengths far in excess of those used by the highest powered radio stations in the world. These led him to believe that Mars or some other planet was trying to communicate with us.

Macbeth declared that the maximum length of waves produced n the world today is 14,000 metres. He said that the one picked up by Marconi have found to be about 150,000 meteres. He said that their regularity disproved any belief that they are produced by electrical disturbances and the only resemblance to the code used on this planet is in the letter "V" used in the international code. He said that an interpretation my possibly be made.

"We don't know how far wireless rays will travel, so that is why it is not impossible that some planet, on which the same method might have been perfected, may be trying to get in communication with us," said Mr. Macbeth.

"We continually hear these high-powered taps with such regularity that it absolutely dispels any suggestion that they come from the ordinary electrical activities of the atmosphere. Of course, there is the language barrier in endeavoring to interpret messages from another planet, but the Germans were able in three weeks to decipher English war messages and we theirs."

Evening Journal, September 2, 1921


Posted January 16, 2018