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Says Marconi Got Signal from Mars Came from Long Distance;

Scout Static Theory.

New York, Sept. 1. - (United News) - Gugliemo Marconi, inventor of wireless communication, has received messages from sources on some other planet, which he believes to be Mars, according to J. C. H. Macbeth, code expert and London manager of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph company, Lt. He made this known in an address before the Rotary club Thursday.

These messages came from a machine more powerful than hitherto known because the wave length was 140,000 metres, greater by far than any apparatus has ever sent to date.

Splashes of 'VS.'

"They came," said Mr. Macbeth, "while Mr. Marconi was experimenting aboard his yacht, Elektra, in the Mediterranean last spring. Through the night at intervals, splashes of 'Vs,' in the international code, were intercepted and their wave length measured. This started Mr. Marconi  to reasoning that Mars, the older brother of the earth, must be signalling us. The greatest wave length achieved so far on earth is 17,000 metres as generated by the Annapolis station.

"It is highly improbable that signals came from disturbances in the air, because Mr. Marconi was using a  device that eliminated all atmospherics or static, as you call it in America. No, it must have been Mars."

Might Be Deciphered.

Mr. Macbeth pointed out that these signals, which were all alike, might be deciphered.

"And I think we could answer Mars with magic lantern slides transmitted by wireless," he said. "We could flash the picture of a man to Mars and identify it by two taps, so that the Martian could figure out for himself that two taps meant the object in the picture, man."

Des Moines Register, September 2, 1921


Posted January 16, 2018