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Antarctic Message Broadcast Direct to World for First Time

Byrd Communication in code Picked up and Transmitted by Pittsburgh Station - Party Having 24 Hours of Daylight

Pittsburgh, Feb. 23 (AP) - For the first time in the history of radio broadcasting a message direct from the Antarctic was given to the radio audience of the world early today.

After establishing two-way radio communication with the Byrd expedition, Radio Station KDKA here picked up a message in code, sent by Commander Richard E. Byrd, rebroadcast the original signals and then radiocast an English translation of the wireless "too-ta-too-too-ta-too."

24 Hours of Daylight

The rebroadcast followed a special program put on the air by KDKA each week for the Byrd expedition and for the people of the Far North.

Commander Byrd, in his message, addressed to George Wendt, Canadian Westinghouse company, Canada, said:

"We have been having twenty-four hours of daylight since arrival, but in a few days now the sun will sink below the horizon and in another two months total darkness will set in.

To Be Most Trying Period

"This is going to be the most trying period of our stay down here. We are all looking forward in anticipation to the continuance of your weekly broadcast with all hands grouped around the loud speaker listening to the voice of KDKA. You can't imagine how much this is going to help us over the rough spots of the long winter night.

"Best wishes to all our friends at home."


The Baltimore Sun, February 24, 1920

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