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Today in Science History

Biz Quiz - Test Your Sales Ability

Biz Quiz, April 1947 Radio News - RF CafeWell, at least I know now why my efforts to sell things usually don't work out too well. A salesman I ain't - neither by c1947 standards or by contemporary standards. I have a hard time even giving things away based on the low response rate on notifications for winning free books each month. My score on this test was around 50% (on the low side), but that was probably due to being subconsciously biased to answer what I thought the creator would expect for a good salesman. It would probably be embarrassing to have a professional assessment of my true personality, assuming that professional is not a quack with an agenda. Oooh, that added ...

Tech Headline News: 8/31/2016

Warned of a Crash, Start-Ups in Silicon Valley Narrow Their Focus

Element Acquires Northwest EMC, Expands Global EMC Services

ON Cleared to Buy Fairchild

Nonlinear Optical Quantum-Computing Makes a Comeback

Tesla Clears $2.6 Billion Antitrust Hurdle in SolarCity Deal (remember when $2.6B was a lot of money?)

Indian Employees Make NFC Payments Using Everyday Objects

1M Taxpayers' SSNs Stole by Illegals, IRS Doesn't Notify Victims

CW Room-Temperature Indium Arsenide Quantum Cascade Laser

CW Room-Temperature Indium Arsenide Quantum Cascade Laser - RF Cafe"University of Montpellier in France claims the first continuous-wave (cw) operation at room temperature of a 15μm indium arsenide (InAs) quantum cascade laser (QCL) [Alexei N. Baranov et al, Optics Express, vol. 24, p18799, 2016]. "To our knowledge, the longest emission wavelength of RT cw operation for QCLs fabricated from other materials is 12.4μm," the team reports. The thresholds are ..."

Advances Get a Grip on Single Photons & Molecules

Advances Get a Grip on Single Photons & Molecules - RF Cafe"The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) is probing cutting edge diamond technologies to emit single photons (for uncrackable cybersecurity) and graphene to detect single molecules . While experts around the world are also addressing these angstrom scale problems, few laboratories are making headway in both. Dmitry Fedyanin, a researcher from MIPT's Laboratory of Nano ..."

EDI CON USA Announces Amplifier Design Content

EDI CON USA Announces Amplifier Design Content - RF CafeEDI CON USA 2016, a conference that brings together engineers working on high-frequency analog and high-speed digital designs, taking place September 20-22 in Boston, Mass. at the Hynes Convention Center, announces its RF Amplifier Design track for this year's conference and exhibition. The exhibition will host more than 138 exhibiting companies from the RF, microwave, and high-speed digital industries, including demonstration pods in the Signal Integrity Zone. Featured keynote microwave and millimeter wave power amplifiers: technology, applications, benchmarks ...

Radio Controlled Flight

Radio Controlled Flight, January 1947 Radio News - RF CafeEven though the U.S. Army Air Force and other research agencies around the world were at the forefront of experimenting with remote control airplanes, helicopters, and rockets, hobbyists were forging their own paths in the electronic art. I did not know until reading this article that drones were flown through the radiation field at the Bikini Atoll atom bomb test site for data collection. In fact amateur radio operators have long had the privilege of broadcasting for the purpose of remotely controlling a vehicle - the only scenario of Earth-based* transmission whereby the 'control operator' is not required ...

ARRL Labs Called upon to Find Source of Strange RFI

Unintentional Source Causes Strange RFI - RF Cafe"After a strange series of reports were received regarding malfunctioning key fobs and disabled cellphone use all within an isolated area, city officials in Evanston, Illinois turned to the ARRL lab for help in investigating the cause of such odd interference. Originally, officials turned to the FCC with their concerns of intentional radio frequency interference (RFI) but because key fob malfunctions are considered the responsibility of the automaker the issue was not of ..."

Covalent Organic Frameworks Promise Huge Energy Storage Potential

Covalent Organic Frameworks Promise Huge Energy Storage Potential - RF Cafe"A powerful new material (COF) developed by Northwestern University chemist William Dichtel and his research team could one day speed up the charging process of electric cars and help increase their driving range. 'Our material combines the best of both worlds - the ability to store large amounts of electrical energy or charge, like a battery, and the ability to charge and discharge rapidly, like a supercapacitor ..."

Locating Your New Store

Locating Your New Store, April 1947 Radio News - RF CafeLocation, location, and location. Those are always half-jokingly cited as the most important three factors to consider when deciding where to best set up a retail business. Unfortunately, the days of scouting out a spot to set up an electronics sales and service shop are long gone. Except for a cellphone screen replacement service at a mall kiosk and maybe the Geek Squad desk at the Best Buy store, there are not many places left that do consumer electronics repair - at least as a primary vocation. This story makes a good read for anyone contemplating setting up shop where serving the local population is a prime objective ...

Author: Kirt Blattenberger on Google+ Author:
Kirt Blattenberger

Nanoscale Wireless Communication Operates at Visible Wavelengths

Nanoscale Wireless Communication Operates at Visible Wavelengths - RF Cafe"Currently, wireless optical communication on computer chips occurs at near-infrared wavelengths. But if visible light could be used in these on-chip optical communications, the chips could be miniaturized significantly because the wavelengths in that portion of the spectrum are much smaller. Now researchers at Boston College have developed a nanoscale wireless communication system that does just that. The key to the technology, as described ..."

Notable Tech Quote: Andrew Strominger

Notable Tech Quote: Andrew Strominger - RF Cafe"String theory may not be the fabled theory of everything, but it is definitely a theory of something." - Andrew Strominger, Harvard University theoretical theorist, in the June 2016 Discover magazine article "The Fall and Rise of String Theory." The mathematics of String theory, originally concocted to create a unified theory of everything in the universe, is now being appropriated by other realms of physics as well as by practitioners of pure mathematics to solve longstanding conundrums in geometry.

IPDiA launches a new Broadband Silicon Capacitor Line at 40 GHz

IPDiA launches a new Broadband Silicon Capacitor (BBSC) Product Line at 40 GHz - RF Cafe"The BBSC capacitor series from IPDiA provide superior broadband performance, stability and reliability for all broadband optoelectronics and high speed data systems. The BBSC capacitors are suitable for DC blocking, coupling and bypass grounding applications in all broadband microwave / millimeter-wave applications. The BBSC capacitors provide broadband performances better than 0.4 dB of insertion loss up to 40 GHz ..."

Free Engineering Books for Just a $35 S&H Charge

RF Cafe Book Giveaway DrawingFor a limited time, I am offering some of the brand new engineering books provided by Artech House for FREE for only a $35 shipping & handling charge to anyone in the lower 48 states. They will be sent via the USPO's Media Mail method. There is a limit of one book per person. Most sell for >$110 on Amazon ...

NIST's Ampere Unit Definition Changes in 2018

NIST's Ampere Unit Definition Changes in 2018 - RF Cafe"Very soon the ampere - the SI base unit of electrical current - will take on an entirely new identity, and NIST scientists are at work on an innovative, quantum-based measurement system that will be consistent with the impending change. It won't be a minute too soon. The ampere (A) has long been a sort of metrological embarrassment embarrassment. For one thing, its 70-year-old formal definition, phrased as a hypothetical, cannot be physically realized as written ..."

Electrons at the Speed Limit

Electrons at the Speed Limit - RF Cafe"Speed may not be witchcraft, but it is the basis for technologies that often seem like magic. Modern computers, for instance, are as powerful as they are because tiny switches inside them steer electric currents in fractions of a billionth of a second. The incredible data flows of the Internet, on the other hand, are only possible because extremely fast electro-optic modulators can send information through fibre-optic cables in the shape of very short light pulses. Today's electronic circuits ..."

Saelig Introduces Versatile 1-Ch & 2-Ch 25/50 MHz True Pulse Generators

Saelig Introduces Versatile 1-Ch & 2-Ch 25/50 MHz True Pulse Generators - RF CafeSaelig Company has announced the TGP3100 series of true pulse generators that can generate precision pulses from 1 mHz up to 50 MHz with pulse width and delay resolutions of 100 psec. Single and dual channel models are available, both featuring large graphic LCDs for simultaneous text and waveform information. The TGP3100 Series are true pulse generators using all-digital techniques, but they can also act as high performance noise generators and as function/arbitrary generators - making them truly universal waveform generators ...

Amateur Radio Crossword Puzzle for August 28

Amateur Radio Crossword Puzzle for August 28, 2016 - RF CafeThis week's Amateur Radio crossword puzzle contains the usual collection of science, math, and engineering terms, and amateur radio. Words specifically pertaining to Ham radio have clues marked with an asterisk (*). You'll never be 'challenged' to know terms relating to movie stars, leaders of obscure countries, or archaic pottery making terms. Enjoy ...

VidaRF Intros 1 to 12.4 GHz 90° Degree 3dB Hybrid Coupler

VidaRF 1 to 12.4 GHz 90 Degree 3dB Hybrid Coupler - RF CafeVidaRF offers a new high performance hybrid coupler Model: VHC-10124A operating frequency 1-12.4 GHz. Type VSWR 1.30:1, Insertion Loss 1.0 dB and Isolation 20 dB minimum. Power handling Average ≤50 watt ; Peak ≤1 kW with SMA connectors, operating temp -55 to 85 °C. If required we could seal and paint to meet IP65 standards ...

5 Communications Skills Needed to Advance an Engineering Career

5 Communications Skills Needed to Advance an Engineering Career - RF CafeMitch Maiman, of Intelligent Product Solutions, offers these sage words regarding communications skills engineers need for success (hope he doesn't mind the montage). "There was a time when engineers could work within companies and have minimal (or even bad) communication skills. While it is not necessarily important for engineers to become great public speakers or authors, it is increasingly important for them to possess effective communication skills ..."

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs

Anatech Electronics Intros 3 New Filter Designs - RF CafeAnatech Electronics offers the industry's largest portfolio of high-performance standard and customized RF and microwave filters and filter-related products for military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz. Anatech has introduced 3 new filter designs: a 2-10 GHz highpass filter with "N" connectors, an 890-915 MHz and 935-960 MHz cavity duplexer with SMA connectors, and a 7000 MHz stripline bandpass filter with SMA connectors. Custom design are available ...

People Freak out at Driverless Tesla

People Freak out at Driverless Tesla - RF CafeThis Magic of Rahat video is a riot!. He disguises himself as a bucket seat to fool fellow travelers into thinking his Tesla has no human driver. Remember the next time you think you are witnessing something remarkable that you, too, might be the victim of prank ...

What the Paycheck of a 2016 Engineering Grad Will Look Like

What the Paycheck of a 2016 Engineering Grad Will Look Like - RF CafeRob Spiegel, at Design News, has a short report on the engineering grads from the class of 2016 can expect to be paid. The numbers are amazing. His numbers come from According to the 2016 Salary Survey from The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the average across all realms of engineering degrees is around $63k. Petroleum engineers top the list once again at $98k. Electrical engineers can expect a mere $65k - same as our mechanical and sofware engineer brethren. Aerospace engineers will make a kilobuck less ...

This Crystal Could Change Laser Design

Crystal Change Laser Design - RF Cafe"Laser applications may benefit from crystal research by scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and China's Shandong University. They have discovered a potential way to sidestep longstanding difficulties with making the crystals that are a crucial part of laser technology. But the science behind their discovery has experts scratching their heads. The findings, published today in Science Advances, suggest that the relatively large crystals used ..."

What's Ahead for You in Engineering?

What's Ahead for You in Engineering?, July 1954 Air Trails - Airplanes and RocketsSaid Jimmy Stewart's character in "It's a Wonderful Life," George Bailey, "I'm shakin' the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I'm gonna see the world. Italy, Greece, the Parthenon, the Colosseum. Then, I'm comin' back here to go to college and see what they know. And then I'm gonna build things. I'm gonna build airfields, I'm gonna build skyscrapers a hundred stories high, I'm gonna build bridges a mile long..." It was common dream for an era when Americans were tired of the struggling economy of The Great Depression and great advances were being made in technology. The world was still a mystery to most people whose familiarity with foreign lands ...

Conducting Polymers Could be Used to Develop Soft, Flexible Electronic Devices

Conducting Polymers Could be Used to Develop Soft, Flexible Electronic Devices - RF Cafe"Polymer semiconductors, which can be processed on large-area and mechanically flexible substrates with low cost, are considered as one of the main components for future plastic electronics. However, they, especially n-type semiconducting polymers, currently lag behind inorganic counterparts in the charge carrier mobility – which characterizes ..."

Microsoft Excel Blamed for Gene Study Errors

Microsoft Excel Blamed for Gene Study Errors - RF CafeHere is an example of smart people doing dumb things and blaming it on anything other than themselves. I would be so embarrassed for being such a dummkopf who didn't understand a simple feature of the software, that I would never take it public and blame Microsoft. "Researchers trying to raise awareness of the issue claim that the spreadsheet software automatically converts the names of certain genes into dates. Gene symbols like SEPT2 (Septin 2) were found to be altered to 'September 2.' Microsoft said the gene renaming ..."

Own a Piece of Your Vocation's History & Support RF Cafe at the Same Time

Vintage Electronics Magazines for Sale - RF CafeMy collection of Vintage Electronics Magazines has grown very large. They are where I get the articles that I scan and post here on RF Cafe. It is really interesting to peruse the pages of these old magazines and see what was considered cutting edge technology in the day ...

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